Flesh of White

$ 10.99

A supernatural horror graphic novel that touches on the all-too real plight of those with albinism in modern-day Africa, where local superstition makes these people the subjects of real-life horrors, as their flesh is believed to be a powerful component in ritualistic spells. In addition to contending with the frightening medical concerns associated with albinism, they must vigilantly watch for those who would hunt them for their very flesh!

At the core of the story is the strong relationship between a mother, Rehema, and her young son with albinism, Kwasi. Only through her love, some luck, and the sacrifices of their community can Rehema prevent Kwasi from mutilation or death at the hands of Tuponile, the remorseless Witch Doctor who covets his tissues for use in powerful magicks.

The complete, collected Flesh of White series by writer Erica J. Heflin (Zenescope Entertainment's WonderlandDark Shaman, Grayhaven Comics’ The GatheringChronographerOf Wolf & Woman, Mother & Son; Alterna's The Black Hand) & artist Amanda Rachels (Arcana Studios’ The Book; Vicious Circus). Interior colors by Gavin Michelli (pp. 1-20) and Nathan Lueth (pp. 21-80). Cover art by Amanda Rachels with painted color by Gavin Michelli. 88 pages.

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