The Absentee 3

$ 3.99

An experimental pilot, Coy Blackler, returns from another dimension literally carrying a demon in his body. The two beings quickly learn that each consciousness can control either body, and the demon - Thrice is his name - quickly turns to use our hero's body to impersonate him, destroy his life's work, and even corrupt his wife!

Thus far, Coy's employer - the ExPortal Corp - enlisted their security chief, Harper, to train and watch over Coy as he learns the limits of power in the demon form he now wields. A super-powered being in her own right, courtesy of ExPortal-produced wings and energy-firing harp-bow, Harper befriends Coy and aids him in a near-deadly faux training mission, but she returns with a stalker...

The Absentee 3 is the third of a six-issue science fiction/horror series, written by Kevin LaPorte (Vicious CircusRoadkill du JourLast Ride for Horsemen), with art by Rando Dixon and colors by Kate Frizzell. 24 Pages.

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