Bruno Sammartino 1

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The inaugural issue of our story of Bruno Sammartino recounts his family's plight in, and escape from, fascist Italy during the second World War and the barriers Bruno faced upon arriving to the United States and the ways he used body-building, weight-lifting, and wrestling to overcome them! Oh, yes, and there was that time he wrestled an orangutan... 

Our 20-page comic, Bruno Sammartino 1, is the first of five issues in standard comic format (6.625" x 10.25") written by John Crowther (NIKOLAIHacksaw Jim DugganThe Genius Lanny Poffo, Antarctic Press' Rochelle) and illustrated by Marvel & DC Comics veteran Rich Perotta (Booster GoldThe Ray). Colors are by Vito Potenza (Scissor Sisters, Hacksaw Jim Duggan).