Gangrel the Vampire Warrior 1

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David Heath was a young man, marred by an early life of personal tragedy, who rose from the smoldering embers of misfortune to the pinnacle of professional wrestling stardom. From his humble beginnings in a backyard ring in South Florida to the grandest stage in the World -- Madison Square Garden -- Heath aroused the fears and captured the imaginations of wrestling fans around the globe as Gangrel the Vampire Warrior. 

Gangrel the Vampire Warrior is a 36-page, one-shot comic book centered on the life and career of David Heath, Gangrel himself, based on interviews conducted by writer and wrestling historian John Crowther. The comic is fully illustrated by Rich Perotta (DC Comics' The RayDeadpoolHacksaw Jim DugganBruno Sammartino) and colored by Daniele Caramanico.