Scissor Sisters: Swan Song

$ 8.99

The time-tripping assassin Cygnet, vanquished by the Sisters to ancient times in our first chapter, her only ally a friend of one of the Sisters. Faced with traitors to her wicked Master, Cygnet must steal a powerful mask to repair her time-traveling armor and resume her quest to fulfill her mission and destroy the Sisters.

Scissor Sisters is co-written by Kevin LaPorte (Vicious Circus, Last Ride for Horsemen, Roadkill du Jour, Scales of Time, and The Absentee) and Erica J. Heflin (Zenescope's Wonderland, Cosmic Times' Flesh of White, and Antithesis) and illustrated by Marvel and DC veteran Rich Perotta (Scales of Time) with colors by Vito Potenza. 62 pages.

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